Water Familiarisation


Many people ask if you need to start swimming lessons when your baby is as young as 6 months. After teaching young children and babies for many years we have seen proof of the difference in children who start lessons young compared to children starting at a later age.

The most important skill a child must have to learn to swim is CONFIDENCE! Teaching a child to swim who is scared of the water is much more difficult for all concerned, compared to teaching a child who is comfortable in the water. Yes, in most cases children will overcome their fear of the water eventually. But why put them through this in the first place? Giving your baby the start in swimming they deserve will save you alot of hard work in the future.

water familiarisation for babies

Bath Time

If your child is not currently 6 months but you plan on starting them when they are, here are a few tips you can do at home to make their first lesson easier.

  • With your baby sitting in an upright position, ensure they are relaxed and comfortable.
  • Using the cue words…”Name. Ready. Go”.
  • Wait one second then gently pour a full cup of water over your baby’s head.
  • Follow this with praise, eye contact and a big smile.

After your baby has become conditioned to the cue words (it may take quite a few times), you’ll notice that the words “Name. Ready. Go” prepare your child for what’s coming. This helps when your child’s teacher believes they are ready for their first submersion during lessons.