Parents Assist - Baby Classes

This class is the ideal opportunity to introduce your baby to the aquatic environment through the use of songs and activities. Such skills as submerging, floating, breath control and the promotion of movement through water are developed.

Paddlers Class

Our Paddlers classes extend on the principles of water familiarisation which reinforce greater independence and confidence in the water. We focus more on the building blocks of later stroke development. Once a child is swimming across the pool independently with and without goggles they will progress to our next level.

Kick and Breathe Class

The first part of this class is revision of swimming across the pool. In this level, the swimmer will learn to stretch out in the water and learn to kick whilst holding a kickboard. The side breathing technique is also introduced so that eventually, the children can start to learn their Freestyle arms.

Freestyle Classes

Our swim school consists of 3 different levels of Freestyle classes.


Level One Freestyle.

Children will learn to co-ordinate four strokes and breathing to the side whilst being assisted by a kickboard and flippers.

Level Two Freestyle.

Children will revise the same skills and learn to stroke without a kickboard.

Level Three Freestyle.

Combining Freestyle arms, learning advanced breath control and kicking with straight legs. We also incorporate backstroke kicking.

Mini Squads

Once the child is swimming more confidently they will move to our Mini Squad level. Continuing with perfecting freestyle technique, they will also start learning Backstroke, Butterfly, and Breaststroke.


Parents In to Mini Squad

$23.00 Per Lesson  –$230 for 10 weeks

$11 for 2nd lesson per week – $110 for 10 weeks

$24.00 for Saturday lessons – $240 for 10 weeks

$60.00 for Accelerated Program per week

3 children per family = $570.00 ($190 per child)

4 children per family = 3 @full price + 1 child FREE


Here at Hollands, we understand that children become ill at times and it can be unavoidable to make their lesson time.

However, a makeup lesson can be organised on a day other than your normal lesson time. Unfortunately, we are unable to tag make ups onto the end of your 10 week block.

Make up lessons can be made over a period of three months. 

It is compulsory to advise us of your child’s absence. We will be unable to honour a makeup lesson if we are not notified.

Once you have booked your child’s makeup lesson, it is unable to be rescheduled.